Transforming Trauma through Ritual

If we look at our challenges and trauma as a moment of sacred ceremony we start to step in to the phenomena of the experience. The trauma of death, in which time stands still, awakens our sense of parallel lives and multiple sense of reality. Giving us an opportunity to let go of the parts of our own identity that no longer relate in significance, to that person. Although painful we are given the space and opportunity to step in to an expanded state of awareness. Through the trauma of assault, we bow down to how small we are and how vast the universe is, yet how wise and resourceful we can be, unlocking the subconscious and doors to our genius. The profoundness of a major accident can close the doors in our life that we may not have realised were not serving our spirit;  teaching us about forgiveness and boundaries; leading us onto a path more suited to the depth of our design. The let downs of the system that enable us to see the concepts that we serve society in and the gaps that can create vacuums and voids to seek out intrepid voyages of the soul in finding solace with God and peace with the spirit, enabling a more seamless experience of connection and communication. The journey of radical doubt in questioning our reality and all those aspects that appear false or inappropriate or challenging, takes us back to the solid and real experience of nature, to the call of our vocation and to examine whom we are on the most deepest and profound level of experience.

In all this the one thing that helps us to survive is living for the gentleness and care of love and in receiving love from those whom can meet us in our path and daily experience of life. All these aspects at times teach us what truly feeds us and brings a wealth of experience in which we can find the gentleness of care and nurture, to bring in the riches of energetic freedom, in growth, illumination and expanded presence. Enabling the economics of our experiences to start moving in to a state of positive money and security in which we find custom in our environment and true design.

However this exploration of personal custom; philosophy, design, value, vocation and environmental catalyst can be hard to co-exist with the limits of the customs and expectations of government and community. Sometimes a complete new experience of community, culture and environment has to be drawn up; to be able to enable the person to emerge without limit from those whom seek to govern, restrict, project and complicate. Often a balance is found in finding economic enterprise that gently grows and develops in a direction of cultural value that aspires to free thinking, economic flow, freedom of speech and identity. However how do we deal with those corrupting forces that are abstract to our awareness, brought through from wounds that we haven’t dealt with?

We are always given the resources and information we need, as and when we need it. If we have patterns and corruption working against us the undermined, illusion, passing off, domineering, governmental. We have to look deep and find inspiration and information to help us bring change and clarity. The subconscious is the key in to this information as we are always amongst the universal consciousness that knows all and shares all. The journey of growth is therefore in aspiring to resolve oneself the guidance on a deeper plane of recovery, enabling the foundations of security to bring stability and alignment to ones best talents and achievements in a natural and organic movement towards lighter living and conscious response to find direction and emerge in ones talents and purpose.

Often the problems one holds is as simple as low self esteem, fear, over protection. Other times, our programming enables us to tap in to information from ‘parallel’ or ‘past lives’ stored in our consciousness in which we bring forward lifetimes of learning, that speed up the process of arriving in to our state of full resolution. These architectures of information enhance human technology to inspire direction, vision, and confidence, building on already established skill sets and the wealth of talent we carry through as children of the universe.

We are never without the skills or access to information we need, however communicating with the subconscious for some can be a challenging process due to the ego and the insecurities or anxieties of the mind. Here our communications can sabotage our ability to expand in to universal presence and inspired vision, we can limit and restrict by belittling our very own dreams and design.

Through self belief in that which we value in achievement, we can start designing a pathway and step in to our destiny, the dreams of ‘ I would love to have a house like…’, ‘run a school like… ‘, ‘live in an environment with…’. ‘bring people…’ ‘create…’; these are all in our pockets as long as we can step in to positioning ourself with trust and economic flow amongst the environment or concept. The elements that hold us back are not normally to do with acquired skills, although talent should be nurtured. The elements are normally more to do with economic slavery, debt, undermining from a governing force or person, an abstract unknown force, expectations in society in payments for mortgage, rent, business ownership, tax, an unconscious relationship with a vacuous relationships, narcism, belittlement from a friend or family member, an attraction to an abusive relationship. The overall elements are insecurity, fear or pain.

The journey in unravelling these elements can happen successfully through a developed relationship with the subconscious; through intuition, meditation, creative writing, vision boards and hypnotherapy.

By expressing the elements in our shadows that hold us back, we bring those elements in to light so we can move through them. For some this seems like a never ending journey that is forever bringing up challenge and confrontation, for others simple and effective processes create fast and lasting results.

However, the journey once committed to, does tend to lead in to more buoyant and successful findings in happiness, lifestyle, relationship and business. The answers are always out there, it is just a question of asking the conscious universe the right questions. Have you stepped in to your phenomena? Let the ceremony begin….

Amanda McGregor is author of ‘A Life of Bliss’ available on Amazon or through

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