Original Art Work

An Overview of Conscious Art Work

Amanda McGregor’s work explores death to life experiences of the soul, the journey from Sirius to Earth and her relationship to spirituality, nature and an abstract sense of purpose that she experiences through God. Her work enables a celebration of creation with a developed understanding of the circles and rhythms of life. Her intuition is highly developed and enables her to work as a performance artist in respect to helping people intuitively/psychically and curating people, environments, art and objects. To further understand how Amanda McGregor works as an artist and a curator please see exhibitions, under art heading. Amanda’s work is photographic, oil, drawing, watercolour, ink, installation, video, audio, performance based. Amanda uses a developed sense of consciousness to help people heal and to express the depths of her soul. Hover to the right of heading to find more pathways to explore Amanda McGregor original art.