by Amanda McGregor

The Painted Garden – Chelsea Fringe Flower Show 2021

Flower Sanctuary – Chelsea Fringe Flower Show 2019

The Tree of Life – St Katharine’s Paramoor 2016

Portraits from Beloved Beloved, St Katharine’s Parmoor June 2013

Natures Alchemy, Henley on Thames 2013

Empty Heads, Novella Guerra Italy March 2013

Conscious Terminal, London, Death and Art

Truman Brewery – Death and Art, London 2013

Bluebird Resistance 2012, Italy

Chelsea Fringe Flower Show, Henley on Thames 

Earth Star, St Katharine’s Parmoor 20.12.12

Sun of Iluna, St Katharine’s Parmoor April 2011

Dissertare Disertare , Rome, 2006

Henley Arts and Music Festival

Night Vision, London

Scattered Moments, Henley on Thames 2005

Chelsea Fringe Flower Show, Henley on Thames 

Henley Arts and Music Festival

Wear Red Shoes – Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2001


Artlyst by Amanda McGregor

Art and Curating Before 2004

2004 Alternative Planning, working with Paula Rousch we designed a security system for South London Gallery, we channelled intelligence from the Universal Body of Consciousness using the structure of A.P..

2003 Alternative Planning, Letchworth Garden City. Part of Rebuilding Paradise, a socially engaging project designed to help cities and communities move forward.

2002 Duty Bound***, Kim Wan at BASE, London.

2001 Team Build, hosted by Anna Best, B+B, Artist Newsletter in Newcastle. Open discussions and creative debates. Curating Students, Goldsmiths College, Annika Errikson. A  commissioned video to explore placement, individual and collective roles.

2001 Wear Red Shoes, with Anna Best, Anna Lisa Cattani; part of PROGRAMME, by Ella Gibbs. Temporary Accommodation was curated by Andrea Tarsia. The one day event, curated by Amanda McGregor at the Whitechapel Art Gallery was a part of Temporary Accommodation and PROGRAMME. 

2001 Mapping our Existence, Mayday conference, Chelsea School of Art with Gustav Metzger, Zucky Serper, B+B, Resist Globalisation.

2000 Objectives, Objects were placed in London, their finders sent in photographs of their placement of the found object, BASE.Vantastic, Anna Best, ART LAB, Runa Islam, Goldsmiths Curating Students. The project took place in a mobile Luton Van at New Covent Garden Market, outside Runa’s studio and outside ART LAB. The process to exhibition took place in one week, the work to be exhibited was decided in one hour. Anna Best made a new video. There were three exhibitions in one day, with audiences.

2000 Oreste 3, Montesgalioso, Southern Italy – artist residency .

2000 A Promise of Happiness, Five Years, 40 Underwood Street. Curated with Edward Dorrian to show ‘torturous ideals’; videos, music, drawing and painting.

Art Exhibitions before 2006

2006 Dissertare Disertare Gender, Group show , Rome

2005 Scattered Moments, Henley Exhibition Centre, Solo exhibition exploring the experience of near death, loss, religion and eternal life.

2003 Helmut & Johannus, The Austrian Cultural Forum, Knightsbridge.

2003 Venice Bienale, Free Manifesta with Valentina Ferrarese.

2002 Upwardly Mobile, Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art, Free Manifesta.

2002 Night Vision, BASE, London; mixed media, solo show.

2002 Bettie Morton Gallery, London; group show.

2002 Protect Me, BASE, London; mixed media, solo show.

2001 Retrospective, The Rose, Maidenhead, solo show.

1998 Winchester School of Art, Final Exhibition.

1997 Collaboration with Grace Ndiritu, University of South East London.