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Over the years, I have developed a practice of development to support the development of creative products and services in jpeg.1.Creative Energy Communications copythe process of bringing insight, vision, branding, design management, creative communication, marketing to product launch. I like my consultations and development programmes to feel enlightening using infinite resources through Source. People use my services for many reasons; insight empowers growth and expansion which is then seen in the company.

The unusual way I work is largely blind to normal business conversation, in that I psychically tune in to the region of the clients soul energy field, informative to security and development. I see the detail of how stable their energies are and how the different energetic emotive skills of the client are collaborating together. I then use vision and the God sovereignty guidance of different frequencies to look at and build security, through channelling. Inner communication of the body is used to strengthen and build constructive foundations for growth and high performance. I consider the enhancement of clear ‘Vision’ to be a primary manifestation tool to create product or service. When checking the balance of a persons energetic stability I look at the nature of the energy field to channel positive intention with the creation of security, strategy, infrastructure, project, partnership, foundation, support and communications including branding, culture and design work. Looking at the energies surrounding the situation as far as interference and emotive energies are concerned, often reveals hidden agendas from other parties that need aligning in to stream line direction or placing; I look at all relevant persons working in their aligned skill sets. I try to be clear as to how individuals perform best with certain roles and often work with human resources in placement; this acts to catalysis people in a positive direction. I also look for ‘thermals’ or bodies of energy that enhance growth and that are natural to ‘riding waves’ of positive collective consciousness when aligned. By asking for feed back from the client I create a space that enables us to work together with healing, channeling and soul development to bring alignment to direction, to change personal energy patterns and to bring stability and consistency to all aspects of life, we develop creative vision and services and products to bring a high level of clean and direct communication to the market. Most clients feel stress free working with me, they are consciously light and in a position to manifest change consistently and productively. The overall feedback I receive is generally congruent to stable positive experience and delivery.

Testimony –

Amanda’s offering of development and healing for people in business is highly valuable when you see their response to her; you can tell that they can’t quite ‘position’ her, she has the quality of a decidedly ‘non-localised’ phenomenon, but you witness immediately an almost hypnotic trust in her words. In this sense, she is like a pure and positive-hearted ‘Kaa’ to the bewitched Mowgli that is the observing delegate. Amanda is highly-courageous, in that she will not withhold the essential, will not ingratiate, will not temper the critique; yet she does so with magnanimity and wise assurance. Her work is ‘high-level’, which in my experience means talking to very intelligent and emotionally intelligent people who need to do complex things in skillful ways; fortunately, she treats everyone in this manner, even when they are ignorant, her work is particularly suited to those involved in Leadership, Negotiation, Mediation, Facilitation, Dealing With Challenging People & Situations, Teaching, Communication, Self-Presentation. In broad terms, anything connected to the intra-personal especially and the inter-personal generally. Kurt Rowe – Development and Training

Having been involved in a few collaborative situations now, I can attest to the importance of the working relationships between the members. Unlike many other creative leaders, Amanda McGregor injects qualities to the collaborative experience that one rarely encounters in a ‘typical’ collaborative situation. She engages the collaborative members with an open, affirmative and clear communication style, which sets the tone for the experience to come. She continues to foster that style with the members of the collaboration throughout the process, which inspires and generates a flow movement between members. The effect is therefore one of harmonic dynamism which allows each member to creatively express his or her strengths personally and professionally, thus bringing a higher unity to a body of work that no one member, on his or her own, would have achieved individually. The natural by-product of such a dynamic in turn generates a network of individuals that remain in positive professional and personal standing with one another. By generating a creative environment through discussion, engagement and the sharing of information and ideas throughout the experience – and not just as token gestures – Amanda McGregor introduces a new approach to the creative and communicative processes of individuals in a group setting. Anne Mortensen

Amanda’s skill in thinking with words and outside the box, has given me the opportunity to view my work in a different light. She uses suggestion in view of the whole song, looking at the message. By having me change a few words within the body of the songs they came alive, creating a whole new vibe in what I was doing. She has catalysed my inspiration. In the last 2 months I have written 8 new songs all of which I am so proud of and will be recorded on my up and coming solo album. Releasing my thoughts into a different space has given me a far greater understanding of storytelling in a few lines and enables me to sing the songs with far more feeling and openness than I ever thought possible. Tim Balmford Singer-Songwriter

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The image below is of the energy system, the internal communication system of the human energetic being. Access through the nervous system through intuition and psychic awareness allows streams of consciousness to encourage high levels of development and performance, more in ‘A Life of Bliss’ by Amanda McGregor.

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