Amanda McGregor BA(Hons), M.A., Hyp da, M.C.M.A., Visual & Textile Arts, Winchester School of Art, Creative Curating M.A. Goldsmiths College, University of London, C.M.A. Accredited Creative Development Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression. Amanda works with Creativity, Development and Creative Communications. Tel- 07939512837 or amandamcgregor333@gmail.com

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Amanda works creatively with consciousness, she allows the creative spirit to touch, heal, evolve and inspire; by enhancing creative inspiration, vision, wellbeing and happiness, through art work, creative expression, empathy, intuition and hypnotherapy. Personal development combines intuitive readings, clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression for personal development, supporting the expression of the soul in creativity and communication.

Pathways are developed through working with inspired visions, then applying the vision to the environment or business. Amanda works with those inspired by creativity, intuition, vision, philosophy and the use of those elements in business, economics, strategy, design management and lifestyle.

Master your Plan, Give birth to your Destiny.

Amanda works as an artist, writer, in one to one and group facilitation; she is a Curator of people, art and environments. Amanda tunes in to the true nature of people and situations to bring healing, security, growth, development, opportunity and applied processes, developing strong and productive pathways, through a gifted intuitive and direct approach.

Amanda’s art work works creatively with consciousness and expresses the connection of philosophy or spirituality with nature and life, finding a balance between abstract experience and the physical world.

One to one hypnotherapy helps with soul searching, trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, illness, confidence, business, creative entrepreneurial development, childhood problems, soul identity, relationships, fear, pain, communication, success, purpose, mission, confidence, creativity and direction. Gentle Rapid Induction enable a deep and effective experience, enabling change quickly, in a safe and comfortable process.

Psychic Readings and Healing help to give insight to interference, corruption and undermining in your life, to manage relationships, direction, to bring clarity and clear pathways to manifest success in business, product, mission and purpose. Energetic psychic surgery helps with illness, pain, fear and insecurity.

Creative pathways help to develop creative communication both personally and in business, to bring inspiration, communication and motivation.

Group Facilitation/Teaching/Lecturing –   



Creative Values and Communication


Anatomy of Creation

Applying Vision

Cultural Legacy

Living Legacy – with Kathryn Best and Amanda McGregor – Creative Communications, Design, Creativity and Expression in Culture and Legacy. 

Creative Writing

Abstract Expression

Consciousness and Painting

The Visual ‘Voice’

The Subconscious as a tool for Creativity and Change

Developing Intuitive Processes 

Design Management

contact email-amandamcgregor333@gmail.com

Consultancy is Lower Ground, 49 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5HJ or 079 39 512 837

International, or Skype. (Consultation in creative communications, hypnotherapy and psychic readings are highly effective using Skype.) Appointments London, West of London, Development Consultancy and Training -07939512837 or amandamcgregor333@gmail.com A Life of Bliss by Amanda McGregor is a thorough self help guide that acts as a foundation to development and communications, available from www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.com.

Seeds of Light is an anthology of poems by Amanda McGregor available from Amazon.

Prices begin with a Skype consultancy 30 mins £40, £90 hour, all hypnotherapy is £150, business readings £150. For bigger projects and coaching plans, please make arrangements with me.

For Skype Sessions –  ‘bluebird psychic’ Skype name, message or call 07939512837 for an appointment… amandamcgregor333@gmail.com