Amanda McGregor works creatively with consciousness, she finds a relationship between nature and spirituality or philosophy.

Detail – Boudoir Mandala

Her work appears natural, historical, abstract, spiritual, emotional, performance based; created in trance, meditation, channelled, or created with the collective.

The art work leads us on a journey, the journey is Amanda’s conscious experience of existence, of the universe and of light work. We glimpse in to her historical background, her spirituality and her navigation around consciousness. The art opens us up and allows an inspired look beyond the material, giving us an inspiring sense of multi dimensional living that often reflects aspects of the self in its communion.

‘I discovered that I was a curator of my life as an artist, in the sense I look after and create with a sense of destiny in life journey, history, healing and creative expression. I perform and paint intuitively, spiritually and from developed states of consciousness. Realising the freedom of spirit I have with my relationship to the universe has given me a personal sense achievement and satisfaction that has enabled me explore and share many different realities at once, giving me a beautiful understanding of the life available to all of us’. Amanda

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