Communications and Development

Using Creative Development in Training, Learning, Communication and Culture

Development is designed specifically for the needs of the creative, designer, entrepreneur, company or organisation. Using creative processes that tap in to collective consciousness it is possible to create structures that enhance higher levels of performance, design ideals. Working with the development of communications and pathways to enable a highly constructive process.

Resources for InspirationApplying VisionIntuitiveEnergy, Development of Communications, Development, Understanding using Empathy, Sensitivity, Delivering using Dependability and Understanding in Communications. 

Platforms are created, by bringing awareness and consciousness to design development processes and internal and external communications by working with all levels of communication within and without the individual, the company and the development of client relationship. The more traditional development strategies are listed first, then the creative programmes follow, ‘energy communications’ is the term I use for ‘intuitive communication in development’, working in this way catalyses strong experiences of chance and transformation, please see ‘Energy Communications‘.

    • Assertiveness – Communicating with clarity to motivations, agendas, boundaries, catalysts, visions, pathways, working relationships and areas of dispute.
    • Communication Development Skills – Assessing objectives for new pathways with constructive focus.
    • Development Mapping – Bringing understanding to the best directions and talents through aligning with natural skill set and developing personally. Enabling navigation and communication to teams so that manifestation and applications are with clarity and purpose.
    • Creativity – Inspired activity intellectually, with design, product, people, and communications. Abstraction in to physical; from idea to objective, to delivery.
    • Emotional Intelligence – How to make emotions work in the work place, by bringing consciousness and understanding to emotive’s, sore spots, bullying, catalysts, gut instinct, insecurities, security, fear, pain, uplift, constructive processes, communication tools, boundaries. To create healthy emotionally connected working relationships.
    • Spiritual Intelligence – Using the collective consciousness, intuition, energy, working processes to enhance intelligence and working process in development and communications.
    • Consciousness and Intelligence  – Bringing awareness to the value of consciousness and different types of intelligent systems.
    • Facilitation Skills – Creating space for persons to carry out their roles and follow through their pathways with the right support, platforms, management, feedback and direction.
    • Harmonious living – Balance at work and at home, a form of stress and environmental management.
    • From Compassion to Empathy in the work place, how to be fully present with the asserting of boundaries, without giving ones self away. How to work with the providing of a service’ in a compassionate way.
    • Interpersonal skills – Communicating with Sensitivity and Assertiveness.
    • Speed Awareness – Pacing work and teams to bring positive outcomes working with time management, pace and development phases.
    • Leadership – Using Sovereignty, assertiveness, catalysts, motives, visions, the creation of pathways, objectives, timelines and inspired leadership skills to direct.
    • Living with Change – Creating comfortable and supportive environments with support systems whilst taking a team through change management.
    • Motivation – Underlying agendas, natural talents, catalysts, drive, passions, inspiration and ambitions, focussed in pathways.
    • Managing transitions – Differing from change management, in transitions can be as simple as a new ‘power of presence’; when a new person comes in with a different set of working ethics, culture and processes. The process of integrating business cultures can be very important.
    • Negotiating – Using intuition to assess and allow, to enable a process of peaceful, constructive and prosperous agreement.
    • Performance Enhancement – An intimate training, in bringing security, confidence and wisdom to delivery and communications.
    • Performance Management – Encouraging an environment that enables sustainable delivery in roles, work and communications.
    • Presenting Skills – Confidence, in delivery, trouble shooting,
    • Train the Trainer; Sensitivity in training, using intuition, assessment, boundaries and motivating factors in learning. Delivery of information and the design of programmes using creative thinking and delivery of objectives.
    • Work without stress – Encouraging working management plans that lower stress levels to encourage higher performance.
    • Managing personal stress at work.
    • Voice Work – Energy Communications, assessing appropriate communications, freeing the voice (contained, for communications roles) – Intuitive development process uses to enable clarity and appropriate delivery.
    • The frequency of information – Enabling expansive skill sets with inspired access to information frequencies, channeled, brain storm, or simply ideas.
    • Manifestation in to object or communications, for product development.
    • Vision Quest – Enabling new visions for the collective, to enable team work in new pathways and strong communication skills in producing and developing phases.
    • Architecture of Information – Constructing design frameworks to enable information to be stored, accessed and develop with trends to enable a strong relationship from consumer/social networker/client to the collection of information to a purposeful ease of  growth with information and usage of information, bringing direction with aims.
    • Designing Architecture for information infrastructure, market research and accessibility for I.T. product developers.
    • Product – Energy Communication, branding and images using ‘Energy Communications’
    • Intellectual Property – Abstract to physical manufacturing Frequency and communion of objects.
    • Designing objects that are not physical -( ‘Energy Communications’, ‘light language’), Thought forms, Conceptual Creation.
    • Vision – Product, Value, Reward Assessing value of information or intellectual object.
    • Internal Communications – Sensitivity and awareness, through a conscious access of understanding relationships, motivations, emotive’s, agendas, pathways and directions. To enable strong collaborative infrastructures.
    • Creating internal communication flows – Same as above but advanced level.
    • Conflict Resolution – Assessing underlying agendas and priority systems in relation to personal value and objectives, then integrating factors to create a pathway of resolution.
    • Aligning Visions –  Bringing teams in to synchronicity.
    • Aligning Development – Creating conscious pathways to move teams forward.
  • Team Building with Dependability – Enabling trusted delivery by understanding limits and creating limitless options in performance through supporting personal development.

Creating a Vision – When creating a vision its important it comes from the collective consciousness of the universe rather than from personal will or a mind felt act. Only the universal energies can inspire manifestation, to be able to drive teams forward its important that the collective knows the details of the vision, their roles and how their motivations and talents add impetus to the creation of the  of the objective, aligning energies collaboratively to an uplifting and enlightening space of consciousness so the whole team can be responsible in delivering without interfering with each others pathways. The courses are designed to bring a sense of consciousness, sensitivity and responsibility in collaborative approaches to creating the vision and delivering on the objective.

Creative directing, for film, fashion, theatre, Interior design, communications, media- Creative communications encourage the use of the higher consciousness and the universal ‘voice’ to enhance creative ambition in a light approach to connecting with an audience. Amanda helps with the development processes in encouraging a seamless ‘communicative’ relationship with the content of the project.

Character Development – Downloading characters from Source can be a sensitive business, the hand of God can enhance a clear and multi dimensional look at character with a deep understanding of the nature of being human.

Remote viewing for Human Resources – Very popular, this uses remote viewing and teaches ways to use sensitivity to understand a person’s programming, their talents skillsets, hidden problems, limits and needs. This information helps to ask the right questions at interview and give an understanding of the level of investment in development, understanding the technology of the person.

Remote Viewing in Partnership – Understanding hidden agenda’s and pathways, can help with strategy and management in working relationships, very useful when needed.

Design through Psychometry: Looking at the presence, vibration and milleu for branding and connection to the buyers/clients.

Company Strategies & intentions; Clearing Pathways – Looking at the development stages of a project helps to manage and develop strategy to enable a secure delivery.

Corporate or Business I.D. (Concepts and  Company Names) – For start ups, popular also with freelancers.

Raising Consciousness using Design – Looking at the purpose of the object or environment to encourage a ‘housing’ that encourages growth, development and expansion.

Integrity of the company – looking at the areas of strategy and management that are causing problems with the flow of energy with in the company, this normally leads to further training and development as can often reveal a need for training with communication and changes in strategy in a management level. Helps with bullying, control and manipulation. Looking at the product or service to see how true the product is and to look at how closely the alignment to company ethics and policies the product can run to enable a profitable outcome.

Responsibility and respect in Creation – Similar to above, but also in respect to the footprint of the company and the knock on effect of the products being in the world, looking at how to develop the products to make a positive impact to encourage a legacy that rewards the company personnel. 

Automatic Writing – Helpful with full time writers, editors or song writers as allows any blocks to be over come quickly, shares tools in tapping in the higher consciousness and enabling a deep connection with audience or buyers.  

Kinesiology with staff – Working with the collective consciousness and kinesiology allows a fair way of moving forward that encourages the team to find natural talents enhancing their roles and finding security in collaborative procedures.

Teaching a person to be the ‘Creator’ and work with their inner ‘God’ or ‘universe’. Enabling a stress free resolution when under pressure, the connection to the universal consciousness, can be tapped in to enhance intelligence when ever needed.

‘Downloading’ from Source and other energy vibrations. Or ‘streaming‘, is a sustainable ways of being in a flow of intelligence.

Information Architecture – Designs for technological devices that allow easy access and constructive information infrastructures useful to marketing, search engines and social platforms. The information is downloaded from Source.

This tool makes it also possible to bring Inspiration in to documenting data, creative material from Source and the Universe, Creative streams of writing, stories, poems, scripts, Visions and Sounds.

Using visualisation, collective consciousness and creativity it is possible to give your project the magic it needs to fly. There are many ways of helping individuals, companies, projects and communities to develop in dynamic ways through engaging with the holistic ‘parts’ of the project and how it connects to the world.

Residential courses, seminars, workshops and meetings are available, we use a specific studio/ workshop space that works for the project.

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