‘Seeds of Light’ is a philosophical and spiritual journey through living and relationship, an anthology of poems by Amanda McGregor.

Buy A Life of Bliss from or or kindle format from Amazon; Interior colour, black and white or kindle editions available. (best value is black and white interior)

Books ‘A Life of Bliss’ and ‘Seeds of Light’ are available at or on titles for link)

‘Seeds of Light’ – A poetic and enlightening journal, a fifty page book of poems written over the last twenty years, publlshed May 2016

A Life of Bliss by Amanda McGregor – Published in May 2016 Available in colour, or black and white interior, or kindle. (kindle has been translated and is multi lingual) A Life of Bliss is a substantial work book which enables Self Help in development, healing, creativity, communications and business.

Artist Journal – BlueBird Resistance A5 – A journal written for a Solo Exhibition in Italy, Bluebird Resistance, Zine was printed – 2012/2013 No longer available to buy.

Articles, Artlyst  – Articles written for the online Art Journal Artlyst by Amanda McGregor