Soul Readings

Soul Readings are psychic and intuitive readings of the soul. Amanda works through the mapping of your soul to look for areas that need attention. She works with the energy system, as seen on the diagram to the below right. Working with this perception enables interfering elements to reveal themselves, so that healing can be carried out. Amanda looks at family, soul history, career development, business development, investment strategy, mission, purpose, passion, opportunities, lifestyle, relationship, security, fear and pain. Enabling uplift, clarity in direction, support in the management of life, healing from trauma and relationship problems. The reading catalyses healing and light living.

Amanda works intuitively to reflect back to you her clairvoyant perception of your life, she is from Sirius High Order. Amanda works through the neurological system, tuning in to the collective consciousness, Source, Sirian, Acurian energies, codes and the energy field. This develops neurological pathways of positively charged, free flowing energy. Amanda works well with remote viewing and remote healing so distant or international clients are welcome she is also experienced in communications and development with a highly articulate style of expression that leans in to light language.

Through remote scanning of your energy field or aura it is possible to help bring information about your past present and future, to see how the dynamics of your life path effect you, this helps release emotional distress, brings security, lets go of pain, helps to develop direction, alignment and clear relationship issues. Healing is carried out through counselling, energetic psychic surgery, energy healing and visions. Psychic surgery is through a trance like state whilst doing energy healing, it enables a profound depth of healing, in which the energy body and light body seems to open up and energy that is not wanted in the system is released. The process is called psychic surgery as the experience of doing psychic surgery, can feel like surgery, however it does not hurt at all, some psychic surgeons work with surgeons that are in spirit or have passed, but I work with the hand of God.

Amanda offers 30 mins sessions on Skype for £40(internationally) or 1 hour long one to one sessions, £80 on skype/zoom/facetime/wattsapp, face to face is £150, or concessions £90, For business development please look at ‘consultancy‘, all business is charged at £150 an hour, it is possible to set up retainers to enable bigger projects to develop.


Amanda McGregor works with Hypnotherapy, visualisation and single focus to enable a deep hypnosis on a theta level of brain wave. A rapid induction can be used with trauma therapy, to enable a fast and effective process. Hypnosis is an access point to the subconscious, the enabling of a single focus encourages deep processing and healing and a strong relationship with the subconscious, the experience is very relaxing, effective and transformative.

Sensory perception and intuition, guide the experience. We prioritise our senses, so when in the session you may feel, hear, or see visions depending on your priority sense, a very sensitive person will have experiences in all three of those areas. Amanda uses her developed intuition to guide the session, making sure you feel safe, in control and relaxed.

Hypnotherapy is a lasting approach to change, confidence and gaining a sense of control over fears, phobias, insecurity, pain, trauma and well being. Hypnotherapy is also used in stress management, pain management and to develop confidence, creativity and help with communications.

We use areas of soul searching in past life regression, life in between lives and symbolic experiences to understand the influences from the subconscious on ones reality and life. Amanda is highly experienced at working with trauma and past life regression. Past life regression is £150 unless going through significant trauma or an awakening, then a weekly affordable price is agreed. It is possible to stay in a meditation hut at Amanda’s home in Oxfordshire to have a break through session or to plan a retreat style weekend with therapies.

Seriphim protection for lightworkers and lightseeds, sensitive souls, Art work by Amanda McGregor Copyright 2018, meditate on the mandala to elevate and enlighten your soul.

Creative Development Therapy

C.D.T. uses intuition energy, visualisation and creativity, to communicate with your inner self and understand your situation or illness. C.D.T. acknowledges that there are many levels of consciousness to consider and work with; from the mind, the cells of the body, the organs, your higher consciousness, the ‘Universal Body of Consciousness’, ‘Spirit’, ‘Source’ or ‘God’. The communication of consciousness takes place through a narrative story that you hold inside, the visual story gives the experience of playing a role in a life drama. The stories relate to past lives, life in-between lives and are sometimes simply symbolic. Amanda can also work psychically to sense problems in the auric field and to help heal illness. A meditation is used to help you to relax, it is then possible to work with energy, consciousness and visualisation.

Amanda was accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association for this approach in to healing.

Understanding, healing and moving forward from trauma and illness. Working out and healing from psychological life issues, such as bereavement, near death experiences or trauma, relationships, sexual assault, abuse, affairs, sexuality and career fullfilment. Also energy related illnesses such as M.E., fibromyalgia, stress related illness, acute illness, cancer, empowering the immune system, pain and depression. C.D.T. provides a creative approach to healing in general, it is possible to set goals to work towards. Training and Development for Charities and Health Care Professionals/service providers.

A powerful way of finding out what is really going on in the body. Visualisation transforms energy from the body into a narrative story. The stories expand our understanding or our spiritual identity and our present life situation. Using visualisation it is also possible for you to meet your guides, work with angels and communicate with a loved one that has ‘passed’. Visualisation is a powerful tool that can create change and support the healing of illness, bereavement and life issues, bringing understanding and positive change.

Tarot Readings / Psychic Readings / Mediumship
Amanda is a channel for divine direction, you will leave the reading feeling lighter, more in control and wiser to the situation and path of your life journey.

Tarot cards are a light way to help identify issues in life and future activities, they act as a stepping stone to move forward and present a visual philosophy of life relating to your situation, they give an idea of future developments.

Amanda helps people identify blocks/interference to happiness and success, clearing the path to a brighter future. We look at health, relationships, work and ways of improving quality of life. Amanda gives an inspiring perception of your life. (Phone Readings can be given through skype/ Ichat using Paypal payment method, Please e-mail me)

Soul Contract Reading

Soul contract Readings work by understanding the sound vibrations of a person’s full name, and the frequency that person exists in.
It is possible to acknowledge and understand the energy vibrations of your soul, which relate to your karma, management of your karma, your talents, goals and soul destiny. Readings are now carried out in respect to soul identity, soul seed and with high order of Aurian and Sirius energies.

Training and Development

Amanda runs various development programmes for business and team use in Sustainability, Presentation, communications, sensitivity, customer service, team collaboration, implementing visions, internal communications, non violent communication, boundary awareness and communication, channelling and healing, product psychometry, wisdom in the work place, see more at creative development, throughout the year.

The workshops/courses also help to tune into different frequencies, so as to channel information for others and yourself, in healing, working towards goals, visions and future predictions.

‘Psychic development’ is run at different locations. The course is called ‘At Home with Archangels and Ascended Masters’, ‘Light Language’, ‘Star Seeds’, ‘Soul Identity’. Course requirements – Must be a Reiki Master or equivalent to be accepted and be accredited in a therapy or as a practitioner.

Intuitive Healing and Readings
Creative Development Therapy

‘You have completely changed my way of thinking about life and given me the confidence to make positive changes to get me going in the right direction. I have had readings before which never made sense but you are so accurate that you have brought me into a new world which I never believed existed.’Lucy

I am eternally grateful for all your help and guidance over the last 16 months. I couldn’t have done it with out you, Thank you. Diane

‘Spot on’, I just don’t understand where you get the information from! – lisa

‘That was a good reading’- Joy

‘You have changed my life, I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t have met you, what would have become of me?’ – Anne

‘Who are you?!’ – John

‘I always listen to everything you have to say, you are so inspiring’ – Ingua

‘Ahh, now I see’ – Derek

My Soul Honours Your Soul – Seriphim readings and healing

art by Amanda McGregor copyright 2018