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‘The Business of Creativity’ by Michael Jacobson – Consultancy with Amanda McGregor

It’s a Sensitive Business for creative intuitive entrepreneurs. Development Consultancy with Amanda McGregor is for highly motivated people that use intuition, their senses and their drive in their personal and business decisions. Development

Working with development and ‘energy communications’ for entrepreneurs, directors, non-executives, Amanda works with various intuitive approaches to ensure confident pathways and collaborative infrastructures. Amanda helps with vision, strategy, management, human resources, infrastructure in development and communications. Using personal development tools, ‘energy communications’ for high end consultancy.

Amanda works with some entrepreneurs as a permanent consultant on a retainer basis for wealth management, investment strategy and personal development, please write to me at, (bluebirdpsychic- skype). One to one Business Development sessions range from £150 – £250 depending on the nature of the business. Training and development days range from £500-2000 a day.

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Leaflet download (4pages) – 1.Creative Energy Communications

Amanda sees people as sophisticated technological devices, she supports the development of talent, intuitively and wisely using a wealth and development vibration that encourages the manifestation of vision, secure expansion of security and individual growth.