Standing by the Gate

When you hold a man in Death
You hold his soul in Life
Presenting an open heart
Is the secret to an eternal life.

Adapting to the changes
The forecast was never bright,
Yet ‘Dad’ illuminates the mountains
And calms the sea at night.

A counter part to peace
A lullaby in trust
With twinkling eyes
That mirror the stars;
He bought his own compass
To the adventures of the heart

We are in company
Some of us strangers
But we give truth to life.
So pick up the banner and call from the fields
For your home is amongst us;
In the heart of the living.
‘He’ lives on in Creation,
Amongst the flowers and leaves,
The mountains and trees.

We remember our fortunes,
Our times of fun, life carries on,
And gathers a speed, a momentum in time
To allow us to heal and encourage a new will.
That of the Creator, whom is with us now,
And reminds us of the potential, of our own free will.

In a moments throw, the penny drops,
As you ascend to Creation,
You see with eyes of love,
Nothing gets past you, as you shine from above.
And here the truth lies, for there is no doubt in anyone’s eyes
That you care for all,
Whom dwell under your gaze.
Your adventures of heart, shine so bright,
You illuminate the Moon and the Stars.

So it is with a loving heart,
That I bid you peace,
When you look upon this world
Sing with glee at the magic
That remains in all of our hearts.

By Amanda McGregor for Douglas McGregor whom died March 1 2017 copyright 2017