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Screenshot 2014-03-07 14.58.57A series of articles that are philosophical, reflective and enlightening, written for by Amanda McGregor. (unfortunately a few articles have been lost , due to a new server for, we are sorry if you are affected by this).

Alexander De Cadenet Inside The bronze Apple By Amanda McGregor

Critique – Artist Jasmine Hatami, looking into the highly personal world of women and culture

Inside Reading Gaol, Amanda McGregor asks who else is imprisoned unfairly?

The Activity of Dying; Death and Art Merge as a Performance Piece

The Energy Frequency of Creation to Art

Greetings Earthlings; Reflections from the artists Earth Star

Empowering Artists A Journey Into Truly Seeing 

Sensitivity in Art

Sharing Our Intimate and Personal Relationship To Art 

Turner Prize 2012 The Artists Reviewed By An Artist

Objectivism and Sanction of the Victim 

(Postcards from an Alchemist 2011 – currently not listed)

(Totem Shaman And The Artistic Process…/totem-shaman-and-the-artistic-process)

The Strawman Illusion – Stumbling in to a free world

A Matter of Process and other Scenarios

Atlas Unsrugged What Is The Mission Of Your Vision – ArtLyst…/atlas-unsrugged-what-is-the-mission-of-your-visi


Originally Amanda McGregor wrote articles entitled ‘Art Coma’ArtLyst as listed below.


Art Coma #3 – Shadow Light – ArtLyst – V&A


Art Coma #4 – Are you ‘Sens’-ational? – ArtLyst


Art coma #5- Are you pro-life to ‘Sensitive’ people? – ArtLyst


Art Coma 6 – Awakening – ArtLyst


Art Coma 7 – Working with the Canvas of the Universe – ArtLyst…articles/working-with-the-canvas-of-the-universe


Art Coma 8 – The Calling – ArtLyst


Art Coma #9 – ArtLyst


Art coma 10 – ArtLyst


Art Coma 11 – I looked in the mirror and there saw ‘myself’.


Art Coma #12 – ArtLyst


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