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Keys that Unlock the Door to Living

The journey of my awakening started after a two year fight with M.E., following a trip to India in 1995. I was 21, in those days most Dr.s didn’t understand the illness and didn’t offer much advice in help, I experienced temporary paralysis and was bound to one room for almost a year.  I really committed to fighting for my life back; I was prepared to do anything to recover. I went on an internal journey searching for the key out of the illness. In the end I decided to challenge the part of me that was ‘said to be’ eternal, I thought if it was eternal it must know everything, I asked that, if this was so, I needed my mind to step back and my own soul to step forward and get me out of this illness. At just 21 I needed my life back, what happened then seemed like a miracle in transformation. I recovered within a month and my life and energy started to flow back to me, I realised the immense power of the soul, its relation to the universe, the God consciousness and its deep sense of knowing.

That experience was 1996/7, over the years, I went through a number of transformations and changes in my approach to life, I started to help people on large scales and in a flow of abundance, I realised the following keys to life.

1) You are as expansive as the consciousness of the universe is, its only you that limits the manifestation of that.

2) There are portals or channels of abundance, through environments, people and your inner being, aligning with them on all levels is really helpful.

3) Your path is your path, you are the creator, the manifester, the dreamer, what ever you feel or do is your sacred story, you are the source of your destiny but often you don’t know what that means until you fully arrive within yourself. Sourcing your own sense of presence means getting past the resistance, created by survival patterns; deception, false belief systems and relating to false relationships (relationships that have the ‘lie’ in the them through manipulation, control, narcissm, projection, deception, bullying). The only form of relationship to remain consistent on a soul level, comes from a place of love, this is the only relationship that can be unconditional as the Source of the love remains unlimited and with out boundaries. Unconditionally loving relationships simply need light to change the let down of disappointment in to a sense of growth and security. The sense of unconditional love arrives from a deep understanding of the other, this understanding is naturally present as the two souls vibrate in consciousness on a similar energetic vibration, the connections can be emotional, spiritual, mindful, heart based or sexual, they can be all of those or a few of them. Trust arrives from understanding and dependability. Nurturing dependability is highly important to enable security with all kinds of relationships.

4) Resistance is the effect on your ‘ego’ from years of buying in to the illusion of relationships created through false be’lie’f, from the time you grew up, from a relationship let down, or from loosing faith through loss or trauma.  The projections of pain from the persons involved can give the sense of an illusion of being stuck in a rut, they create a false reality that creates a trap that you can live in for years or until you decide to not be undermined any more by the ‘lie’ or relate to the limited sense of belief.  As the trap/rut is simply an illusion when you are fully conscious of the dynamics of it, it is possible to take deep breaths through your ego defence systems, to release them. The ego is simply attempting to protect you and stop you from fully relating to the illusion but in doing that it stops you relating to the larger world, the world is there for you, don’t let the people that have been placed close to you whom project insecurities stop you from relating to the positivity, the safety, the dependability, the fun and all the abundance that is natural, organic and beautiful out in the world.

5) Your soul can resolve everything as it is the creator, the consciousness that relates to living and life, nothing is too extreme, it is only our sense of lack that brings doubt and insecurity to us. Sometimes we need help to activate our innate sense of knowledge in resolution and finality, but the manifestation of development and the clarity can always evolve from within.

6) Ask yourself, what am I intolerant to in myself and others? by focusing on your self and asking what annoys you or causes you to put up defence can sometimes be a surprise. This is a judgement you are projecting on to yourself, by holding on to it you also project your intolerances and judgements on others. Loving yourself unconditionally means not judging yourself or creating intolerances.

7) The Breath of Life, is the most powerful and blissful forms of healing, it is the one thing that we can be grateful for everyday; it is the gift of life. When beginning a meditation through concentrating on ‘breath’ from a place of ’empty head’, it allows all things to be possible, all consciousnesses to create and all possibilities to express, if in doubt, meditate on breathing and allow time to create change and allowance to bring all to you with ease.

8) Creativity is a flow of energy also called ‘Creation’, the more those energies are harnessed, the greater the expansion of life flowing through you, working with energies of creation is like working with the God head of man, a reflection of the power of universal energies. Allow the greatest most powerful acts of creation to flow through you and you will allow Christ to be sourced from your presence, you will allow Einstein to remind you of his genius and you yourself will come in to your own sense of genius as you source your abundance from your presence. You were just waiting for permission to unlock the door and welcome the truth in, your sense of intelligence may have been taught to be effective from the mind, but the mind is an organic entity that has a shelf life, the mind can be enhanced with other systems of intelligence.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Universal Intelligence/collective consciousness
  • Heart Intelligence

9) Money is one of the most phenomenal acts of creation by man. It was created totally by consciousness, the economy is false, the economic system exists as a ‘system’ , it is both an enabler and a destroyer, understanding how you relate to it is crucial in understanding how you have created your reality.

You can choose to drive your experience of living to purpose, lightness, fair trade, abundance, wealth, to be an energetic channel of good, to be unlimited and totally free. Knowing how your false and limited be’lie’fs around money can govern a ‘false economy’ is highly crucial in how we awaken to choosing an enlightened pathway to our destiny.

You can choose to live on a freely abundant and wealthy level with very little money or you can choose to embrace the energies and channels of monetary wealth and hold power with the creation of more monetary wealth and abundance through out. Sourcing elements that add value and give quality to standards of living and experience of creation in developing and communicating on a worldly level enables a deep and satisfying experience of living. Letting go of limited contracts and promises that act as blocks in the creation of abundance helps to live on the wealth vibration of limitless possibility in which trust, honour, gratitude, authenticity, dependability and quality of natural life give stability and consistency.

The following make me happy-

  • Creativity
  • Relationships with empathy
  • Unconditional Love
  • Honor
  • Dependability
  • Stability
  • Adventure
  • Intuition
  • A deep relationship with the universe and all beings.
  • Seeing others in truth, in their depth of being and ‘being seen’.
  • Sharing
  • Nature

What makes you happy? You are the Creator, what else is possible?



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