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Amanda McGregor works with Hypnotherapy from a mild hypnotherapy level of visualisation to deep hypnosis on a theta level of brain wave, depending on your comfort zone. Often a few sessions are need to build trust and rapport to enable a deep experience of hypnosis. Hypnosis is an access point to the subconscious, enabling a single focus to enable deep processing and healing, the experience is very relaxing and transformative.

Sensory perception and intuition, guide the experience. We prioritise our senses, so when in the session you may feel, hear, or see visions depending on your priority sense, a very sensitive person will have experiences in all three of those areas. Amanda uses her developed intuition to guide the session, making sure you feel safe, in control and relaxed.

Hypnotherapy is a lasting approach to change, confidence and gaining a sense of control over fears, phobias, insecurity, pain, trauma and well being. Hypnotherapy is also used in stress management, pain management and to develop confidence, creativity and help with communications.

We use areas of soul searching in past life regression, life in between lives and symbolic experiences to understand the influences from the subconscious on ones reality and life.

To find out more about development and communications using hypnotherapy and intuition please see ‘A Life of Bliss’ by Amanda McGregor available from Amazon.

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