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Affordable Help – Clinical Hypnotherapy, Regression Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Hypnotherapy, Rapid Inductions.

Call Amanda McGregor on 0208 8133 4928

Appointments – 0207 629 2927 at 16 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN, Bond Street Tube.

Amanda McGregor is the Author of ‘A Life of Bliss’, A Curator of People, Art, Objects and Environments. Amanda is also an Artist, Writer and Psychic Healer, working with Development and Creative Communications.

Life can sometimes present hurdles and challenges in ways in which it is hard to know how to get on top. Intuitive hypnotherapy can reveal those elements in the sub-conscious; feelings, thoughts and behaviours that could be holding you back, enabling you to successfully realise your full potential so that you can successfully move in to a better and more confident position without stress or worry.

When there seems to be something stopping you from achieving or living the life you thought you would, the reasons are often buried deep within the sub-conscious. Many people first start their journey with hypnotherapy when they notice overwhelming problems such as illness, grief, weight loss struggles, stress, relationship problems, confidence, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias. With safety, help and guidance it is possible to get back in the driving seat and feel the beauty of deep nurturing support, allowing the healing to free you and bring you the success and peace you deserve.

We start with a simple approach of insight into the complexity and depth of the problem. I attune to you, giving a deep sense of understanding through intuitive guidance. We then look at the elements that are causing deep concern, through deeply relaxing hypnotherapy, regression or past life regression. Through the healing I help you align with your talents and your destiny. 

Listening to your soul and calling enables hypnotherapy to work on a profound level. Intuitive readings give guidance, allowing us to resolve the elements that are pressing, so as to move you into a place in which you can start creating the life you want; applying yourself to living, relationships, business, home, security, family, creative expression, spirituality, love and your destiny. 

Free Yourself Now..  

An audio past life regression, post session.

Amanda McGregor is Author of ‘A Life of Bliss’.  Amanda McGregor BA(Hons), M.A., Hyp da, M.C.M.A., Visual & Textile Arts, Contemporary Art, Curating M.A. Goldsmiths College, C.M.A. Accredited Creative Development Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist Hyp. dip, Past Life Regression Hyp. dip. Amanda works with Creativity, Development and Creative Communications. 

Buy A Life of Bliss from or kindle format from Amazon; Interior colour, black and white or kindle editions available.

Amanda works creatively with consciousness, she allows the creative spirit to touch, heal, evolve and inspire; by enhancing creative inspiration, vision, wellbeing and happiness, through creative expression, empathy, intuition and hypnotherapy. Personal development combines intuitive readings, clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression for personal development, supporting the expression of the soul in creativity and communication.

Pathways are developed through working with inspired visions, then applying the vision to the environment or business. Amanda works with those inspired by creativity, intuition, vision, philosophy and the use of those elements in business, economics, strategy and lifestyle.

Master your Plan, Give birth to your Destiny. 

Contact Consultancy is on the first floor of a Danceworks dance studio, near London Bond Street; Natureworks, 16 Balderton Street, W1K 6TN, 0044 (0)207 629 2927, or 0208 8133 4928

International, or Skype. (Consultation in creative communications, hypnotherapy and psychic readings are highly effective using Skype.) Appointments London, West of London, Development Consultancy and Training – 0208 8133 4928

A Life of Bliss by Amanda McGregor is a thorough self help guide that acts as a foundation to development and communications, available from,

Seeds of Light is an anthology of poems by Amanda McGregor available from Amazon.

Prices begin with a Skype consultancy 30 mins £40, all hypnotherapy has a sliding scale from £60 – £150 depending on means, complications, length of session and how regular sessions are, most people pay £80-£150.

For Skype Sessions –  ‘bluebird psychic’ Skype name, message or call 0208 8133 4928 for an appointment.

Mastery from Within, Bring Destiny Home.

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